August 6, 2012

Back to School Bulletin Board

Hi bloggers!  It’s Caroline again.  If you’ve checked out our blog before, you might have noticed we’ve had a facelift!  Thanks Lisa at iCelebration!  So cute!

So in my spare time (cough cough) I thought of an activity to do with my kids and tie it into a cute back to school bulletin board.  I’m all about hallway bulletin boards.  I have a slight obsession with making them.  So, I decided I would do a newspaper background and a "Help Wanted" theme since I’m  on the look out for some new students.  Then I thought, “Wouldn’t a first grade application be cute?  Oh and they could make a little self portrait!”  So the wheels have been churning on this little project for a while. 

I finally got the first part of it up today in the hall!  Something is done! (ok, yes, I ran out of border on the bottom but it’s 99% done!)  Just don’t look in my classroom windows, please!

If you like the signs for the bulletin board, I made a Google Doc with them.  Click here to access them!  The Help Wanted sign is included in my Firsties Wanted!  Back to School Bulletin Board Craftivity Freebie on Teachers Pay Teachers!  Click on the picture to check it out!  If you would like this for another grade, just email me!

I just uploaded it to Teachers Pay Teachers.   Once my kids make this, I’ll either take their names off the board or tape their craftivity around it.  Depends on what I like!

Well, my room is still a mess but I have bulletin boards covered and bordered (is that a word?), so that makes me feel better.  At least you can focus on the walls and ignore all the mess on the floor, right?  I keep bouncing from one thing to another.  It will get done.  I know it will!  My next battle is where to put all the desks.  Sometimes I miss the tables I had in kindergarten!I’m also working on a back to school watermelon unit, so stay tuned!  I’m excited!


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