July 30, 2014

Reading Focus Wall FLASH FREEBIE

Hey all!

I've had a :::crazy::: busy day today!  I went into school early this morning to try to get work done before my kids woke up (we're talking 6 AM) and ended up in urgent care with my littlest little guy by 6 PM.  They say he just has a virus but what a day!  He's sleeping now so mommy's getting some work done since I can't cuddle anymore.

This morning I was pretty productive and I did get my focus wall DONE.  I'm WAAAAY excited.  I think all my Instagram followers can probably tell, right?  I decided to put it up as a FLASH FREEBIE so go ahead and grab it here!  It'll be a freebie until I go to bed...or if I fall asleep, it might be in the morning!

I'm going to be adding some Open House stuff and other classroom decor things this week so keep watching!  I've loved seeing all my new followers on Instagram!  Love it!  Come check out my TPT store for lots of freebies and some fun units!


July 28, 2014


I know everyone is busy getting ready to go back to  .................  I know no one wants the summer to end but maybe a giveaway will help.   I am popping in to giveaway two new products I just listed.  

First Up:

Polka Dot Stations, Centers, or Daily 5 Management Pack which is COMPLETELY EDITABLE.

Second Up:
Bright Chalky Chevron Labels, Binder, and Product Covers

I May or May Not have a slight attraction to bright colors.  
If you would like one of these sent your way leave a comment with your email address please.  If you would like two chances to win, stop by our Facebook Page and leave a comment as well.  


July 15, 2014

Back To School...Beach to School GIVEAWAY!

Hi all!

I don't know about you but I'm already getting in the Back to School mode...  I blame Target!  Love that Dollar Spot...  I can neither confirm nor deny that I went to 3 Targets yesterday to go through the Dollar Spot.  Slightly embarrassed about that one but I did find the mini caddy I needed!

ANYWAY...I decided to look through my back to school stuff and since we're starting school on August 12 this year (Anyone else starting that early?) I looked through my little Beach to School unit I made last year.  While I liked it last year, I decided to give it a little face lift and then added a ton to it (so it was 35 pages and now it's 63!).  WHEW!  I'm SUPER excited about how it turned out and am really excited to use it next month with my new group of kiddos!

If you already purchased it, THANK YOU and please go download the new version.  Trust me.  Totally.  Worth.  It.  If you haven't purchased it yet, I have it on sale for $2.00 until Friday!  Woot, woot!  I love sales.  And as always, I would LOVE feedback!  Here are some pics of a few of the updated pages.

And since I'm so excited about my finds at Target, I'm going to give away two of these units to the first two people to comment what their must have back to school purchase is.  And....GO!