May 27, 2013

Did You Read Your E-mail From Pay Pal Earlier This Week? and Honoring Our Heros

Did you read the e-mail from Pay Pal earlier this week that said they would make a 1% donation for all donations made to veteran's charities through May 28th? Although this may not seem to be a lot if you make a small donation, every little bit adds up. Right???BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE......... I ran across another gal that is also passionate about this cause, her blog is Simply Being Mommy. By visiting her blog I learned that Brawny also donates $1each time someone does any of the following:

so in other words you can donate $2 just by clicking your mouse. Last year Brawny was able to donate $500,000.
Here's just one reason I am so passionate about supporting the Wounded Warriors Project:
My dad served in the Korean War. I have heard many stories over the years of the hardships he endured while on duty. Although my dad returned to civilian life uninjured I can't imagine the pain and suffering other military men and women experience daily once they return after already making a huge sacrifice for all of us back home. We are all so fortunate to live in not only a FREE but generally caring society where we look out for each other. I challenge you to support our service men and women today by making a donation to The Wounded Warrior Project in one of the ways mentioned.
Thank You to Each and Every Member of the Military and Their Families! GOD BLESS

May 9, 2013

What I Left for the Sub

It seems like there are those years that some families have more trials and tribulations than others.  This school year was that year for my family.   We have experienced a broken arm, a back surgery, my dad being  in and out of the hospital, my mother in law being diagnosed with esophageal cancer, and  yesterday my daughter had her adenoids taken out after being on and off antibiotics for 7 months. My attendance at school this year has been no where near perfect to say the least.  So I thought this would be a great time to show how I plan for a sub, it's pretty simple actually because I do my plans the same everyday as if I might not be there the following day.  I don't keep a sub folder per say I type out my plans subject by subject and minute by minute each day so if I am not there every things is in order.   Since I don't live in the district in which I teach this helps save a long trip to school in an emergency.  I have been doing my plans this way since I started teaching, I have never been a fan of  those little squares in plan books. 

Here are a few great resources I left to be accomplished while I was away.  I can't believe I am missing the day we are focusing on Sharks!  You know that is the day those kiddos will have the  craziest reactions to anything said or read.  I left this cute little book and comprehension activities I found from 1st Grade Hip Hip Horaay.
Here's an activity I left for math: 

How do you plan for a Sub????


May 7, 2013

50 Follower Giveaway and May Currently

Oh Please, Oh Please don't make me beg!  Caroline and I are celebrating the BIG 50! I posted last night but I think everyone was gearing up for the big sale on TPT today.  So here's a little snippet from my post. 
I would like to giveawy five products from my TPT store for the BIG 50 Celebration, all you have to do is:
Leave a comment with a cute kid saying, the product you would like, and your e-mail address.  You can check out my store here
The best thing I heard yesterday was : 
My Student:  Mrs. Funk I have some advice for you......
Me Ok what is it?
My Student: Never try to climb a wet tree!
I love my Job!!!!!
Currently May
Did You Link Up for May Currently?
Oh' boy fourth grade

May 6, 2013

Giveaway, Place Value, and Ocean Freebie

50 Followers Giveaway!!!!!
Well it has happened 50 followers!    I think Reagan Tungstall was our first follower many months ago, thanks Reagan for getting us going.  I would love to be all ohhhh lala ,gushy , and cute right now but I just got home and have to leave for a sports banquet.  Caroline and I look forward to seeing this little blog grow. 
I will give away 5 products from my little TPT store. You can check it out here.  Leave a comment with a cute kid saying, the product you would like, and your e-mail address. 
Here's a New Unit I just added to My store:
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I'm also throwing a 15% off sale until Thursday!
We have been learning about Ocean Animals and Habitat.   Here's a freebie for you.  Each student will be picking five ocean animals to write about.  I hope to share some of their writing with you soon. 
Gotta RUN!!!!!

May 3, 2013

Five For Friday, Poetry Writing, and Dilly Bar Adjectives

I am so excited to link up with  fiveforfridayfor the first time. 
Although I did not use my GOOD camera this week, I do have some things to share. 

1. After visiting Maria Walther's Classroom last week I was excited to return and dive into some Poetry.  I have always used Writer's Workshop in my classroom but never quite felt comfortable teaching Poetry.  I know, I know it's not in the CC but I see it as enrichment. I guess the most important thing I learned is that with teaching poetry simple is best.  We have also been reviewing adjectives so each student made a poem using adjectives to describe themselves. 

 2. One of my students that struggles with making good choices wrote me this note,

Mrs. Funk I'm sorry for the badness I done.  Do you forgive me yes or no?  He wrote,  circle yes or no but crossed out the OR NO.  How smart  is that?  This little guy is one of those that makes you so mad sometimes but it doesn't last long because of the adorable things he says. 
3.  We took ITBS last week so as  a reward for working so hard our PTO bought the students  DILLY
       BARS, alright I had one too.  I could resist the opportunity to integrate a little learning into our fun reward.    I will link up a copy next week because I forgot to put it in my Dropbox. 

4.  On Friday's we always meet up with our friends in third grade for some peer tutoring, sometimes students read together, work on math facts, spelling, or a fun activity like we did today.  Since we only have about one more meeting with our third grade friends we made friendship bracelets today. 
5.   It was field trip week for my daughter so on Wednesday I took a personal day and went with her on her 3rd grade field trip to the St. Louis Arch.  I am telling you what she was one excited little girl and it couldn't have been a more beautiful day. 
Now off to check out what everyone else has been doing this week.