November 26, 2012

A Smelling Test, a Confession and a Freebie

 We kicked off our week with a little SMELLING TEST !  I posted a little while back that several of my students were still struggling with the idea that there is a th at the end of "with" and not a F. So I came up with this little lesson: 

(Confession Thank God for Clip Art-I Can't Draw a Straight Line) 

First we talked about the meaning of "Whiff" seriously when I was younger we said things like "Did you get a whiff of that?"  all the time.   Huh, my little kiddos had never heard of such a word!  So these little guys could understand the meaning of  "whiff" a little better we had a smelling test.  I prepared eight bags with eight different "smells" in them.  Ex:  lemon, chocolate, onion, etc.  I cut the bags to about 2/3 their original size, put the item in, and stapled the bag once in the middle so that the air would flow when students squeezed the bag.  Then it was off to Whiffing and Sniffing to see if  these kiddos could pass their smelling test. 

Results of Spelling Test A+!  Well maybe not an A+ but they did do a great job!!!! 

Once our test were graded it was off to write the room!  Students used their clip boards, magnifying glasses, and write the room activity sheets to find all the words in the room that had wh or th.  If you would like a copy of  my write the room activites that are on sale you can find them  here.

Alright if you made it all the way to the end you deserve a special Cyber Monday Treat!  I will send a copy of  the  50 Write the Room activities to the first two people who leave a comment with their e-mail address and start following our blog.   
Happy Monday!


Julene Hoffman said...

No comments???? I would love these!
Julene Hoffman

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Me too, please! I am a new google friend follower...cute blog! Thank you!

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