March 22, 2013

Do You Need a Reminder? And a Easter Bunny

Are you familiar with Remind 101? If not you need to check it out !!!

Remind 101 is a free online communication tool that allows you to text parents reminders via your computer. This allows you to keep your phone # private while sending helpful reminders to parents . As a working mom I wish this would have been around when my boys were little , my daughter (I call her the informer) always makes it home with her notes and such but my boys not so much . I started using this program in the fall because several of my students didn't have the Internet and therefore were not receiving the messages I was sending via email ; all of my kiddos parents have cell phones so I thought I'd give it a try. Remind 101 is awesome and simple . I have sent messages this year for the usual but also such things as an early out day due to weather , picture day , parent teacher conferences, etc. If you would like to give it a try here's how it works :

Log on to
Set up an account(be sure to read how 101 got started , it's a fun story )
Print out parent directions ( the parents will be instructed to text a code to enroll them in your class )
Once parents are enrolled you can start sending messages. * You can even schedule messages to be sent at a specific time . I schedule mine for the evening when everyone is hopefully off work . 

In other news......Here's a cute little Bunny Rabbit we made this week.  I found this idea on Pinterest and tried to follow the link but it seems to be broken.  :(   The kids had loads of fun making them!! FYI it took three sessions to finish this  project but it was so worth it. 
Hoppy Friday !


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