April 22, 2013

Math Station Accountability and Manic Monday

Math has not always been one of my favorite subjects but math stations has totally changed how I feel about that.  Math use to be a subject I taught  in my classroom without much excitement.  Our district uses a math book my teammates and I don't care for, so it has always just been a struggle, UNTIL I implemented math stations.  I absolutely LOVE math station time and so do my kiddos. 
I would have to say that my students take math stations very seriously and don't like it when something interferes with their math station block of time.  I have tried several methods over the years of  keeping students accountable with their work;  math journals, papers at each station to turn in when  completed and  finally clipboards.  Well let me tell you that hands down clipboards are the only way to go.     There is something about a clipboard that makes everything super official and serious. 
Is she OFFICIAL looking or what?
My kiddos take their personalized clipboard with them to the two math stations they go to each day and they are all business.  90 % of my math stations require a record sheet as evidence of learning.    Students are required to keep the record sheets from each station on their clipboard until Friday; on  Friday I staple all  of their papers together, check them, and send them home.   

I have found that this is also a great way to keep papers handy for those that do not finish their work, this way they can grab their clipboard when they have free time and I don't have to hunt down an incomplete paper they put who knows where. 
Since spring has sprung I am super busy with my own kids and have to get home pretty quick each day for baseball and softball practices, not to mention my husband is a farmer and it is planting season so I'm kind of  a single mom.  This week I didn't have a lot of time to get my math stations together so I put together several station game boards that took me no time.  Let's just call it "SpinOrama Week" because all of them require spinning.  I don't know how your kiddos feel about spinning but when I told mine that all the stations this week would require spinning you would have thought they won the lottery! Who would have thought a paperclip and a pencil could be so much fun!!!!! It only  made since to make this super fun, super easy pack of math station game boards my Manic Monday Freebie. 


Angie said...

Thanks for these awesome game boards! I struggle so much with math stations. This sounds like a great way to make it a little easier. I found you through Manic Monday and I'm your newest follower!

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First Grade Carousel said...

What a GREAT idea. Thanks for sharing. Clipboards it will be for next year.
First Grade Carousel

Mrs. Mariano said...

Allison, I popped over to check you out as well. You have great ideas! We just started EDM, and I (and the other 8 teachers on my team) are going crazy trying to incorporate math stations/centers. On days when we can, we have "Math Workshop", and the kids choose their stations (similar to Daily 5). They love it! Do you do EDM? I'd love to chat if you do! I agree, there IS something about clipboards! I'm your newest follower.
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