May 3, 2013

Five For Friday, Poetry Writing, and Dilly Bar Adjectives

I am so excited to link up with  fiveforfridayfor the first time. 
Although I did not use my GOOD camera this week, I do have some things to share. 

1. After visiting Maria Walther's Classroom last week I was excited to return and dive into some Poetry.  I have always used Writer's Workshop in my classroom but never quite felt comfortable teaching Poetry.  I know, I know it's not in the CC but I see it as enrichment. I guess the most important thing I learned is that with teaching poetry simple is best.  We have also been reviewing adjectives so each student made a poem using adjectives to describe themselves. 

 2. One of my students that struggles with making good choices wrote me this note,

Mrs. Funk I'm sorry for the badness I done.  Do you forgive me yes or no?  He wrote,  circle yes or no but crossed out the OR NO.  How smart  is that?  This little guy is one of those that makes you so mad sometimes but it doesn't last long because of the adorable things he says. 
3.  We took ITBS last week so as  a reward for working so hard our PTO bought the students  DILLY
       BARS, alright I had one too.  I could resist the opportunity to integrate a little learning into our fun reward.    I will link up a copy next week because I forgot to put it in my Dropbox. 

4.  On Friday's we always meet up with our friends in third grade for some peer tutoring, sometimes students read together, work on math facts, spelling, or a fun activity like we did today.  Since we only have about one more meeting with our third grade friends we made friendship bracelets today. 
5.   It was field trip week for my daughter so on Wednesday I took a personal day and went with her on her 3rd grade field trip to the St. Louis Arch.  I am telling you what she was one excited little girl and it couldn't have been a more beautiful day. 
Now off to check out what everyone else has been doing this week. 


Erica said...

I was born in St. Louis, and lived there until I was 3. Apparently when I was small, I used to call the Arch the "Chart". Seeing your picture reminded me of this. I haven't been there in... 25 years or so. I need to go on a field trip myself!

The friendship bracelets look like fun! We had older buddies last year, but this year, we didn't do the buddy thing since it wasn't mandated. It was kind of sad. I liked having a buddy classroom, but coming up with activities to do was kind of a pain!

Blooming In First

Sandy Welch said...

Gotta love the notes! I hope you save every one of them. I do and have even returned some of them to the authors in due time. Such fun!

Sarah J said...
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Sarah J said...

I love the note! How could you stay mad when they do something so cute :)

A Sunny Day in First Grade

Julie Marciniak said...

Where would we be with notes like that?
Love it!
Have a great weekend,
Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

Comincioli said...

What a cute note! Smart kid!! The Arch is great place for a field trip. I wish we lived closer to St. Louis. I would love to take my class there!!

Table Talk with C & C

A Tale of 2 First Grades said...


My kids attend a different district than I and they go to St. Louis every year for their field trips. We are about two hours from St. Louis and it is so worth the trip. St. Louis Zoo and the City Museum are two of my favorites.


Yes, I save every one of those notes!


Buddies are great on Fridays but I have been had a few of those weeks when my brain turned to mush and I couldn't think of anything to do so we just read.



Sue Cahalane said...

That teacher's note is adorable!!! Just found your blog, I'm your newest follower!
Science for Kids Blog

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