February 23, 2014

Fairy Tale Craftivities

WHOOO HOOO !  I can't believe I finally finished a project I started last year during our Fairy Tale Unit.  I absolutely love teaching Fairy Tales and when I couldn't find a craftivity to go with fairy tales I decided well maybe I can do this myself.  I started with Goldilocks and  Papa Bear but this project mushroomed into a total of  9 crafts over the past year.  During the past two weeks my kitchen table has looked like Edward Scissorhands met craft central and my kids have asked "Will we ever eat at the kitchen table again?" Well the mess is gone and we are back to eating at the table once again and here's the end product............

Just a couple samples
My Fairy Tale Craftivities will be on sale  through Tuesday night.  You can snatch em up here
If you would like a chance to win a copy of this unit as always leave a comment and your e-mail address. I will pass along at least one copy of my Fairy Tale Craftivities. 

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