March 4, 2014

Crazy Days in March and Today's Giveway

The crazy weather continues around here.......every school around us has been closed the past two days due to all the ice we received Saturday and Sunday.  Since we had ice instead of snow and couldn't go sledding  this is the way my daughter and I have spent the last few days.......The boys are on a hunting trip so while in our PJ's we have done all things girlie, hair, makeup, you name it. 

Ok during the last few weeks as I was getting together my packet for March I ran across some very interesting findings for the special days celebrated this month.  Read about all the special days in March here.  Here are the ones that stuck out in my mind.....
 I am all about 
March 9th Panic Day & Get Over It Day
I can so easily Panic over anything especially when it involves my kids 
However, I also GET OVER things very easily so it all balances out, right? Moving along  I know I am going to do very well with
Isn't this why we all became teachers so we could be in control of our own day.  I'm so glad someone is giving me 1 out of 365 days to say it's ok to be in control.  HA  After reading the history of this day I'm pretty sure that is not the way it is meant but GUESS WHAT I AM IN CONTROL OF THE WAY I ANALYZE this day.  RIGHT?  
I know we are already a few days in to March but I wanted to share with you and hopefully GIVEAWAY one of my March Printable Packs.  As always leave a comment and your e-mail if you would like to take part in this GIVEAWAY  and receive a copy of the March Packet.  It is also on sale through tomorrow for $3.40. 
First Grade March Printables
Common Core Aligned
Common Core Aligned LA and Math Activities  
ABC Order and Making Words Activities are not shown her but I will be adding them tonight. 

Woot Woot Hump Day !!!!!



Rachel said...

Wow! Would love to win!

First Grade Carousel said...

That packet looks AWESOME!!!!!!
I miss the days when my husband was off on a hunting trip and my daughters and I enjoyed a girls weekend. They are grown now :( Looking forward to some warm, sunny March days - fingers crossed.

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