April 24, 2014

Did You See This?, Winners and a $1 Sale

Goodness Gracious Gravy Me!  Did you see this adorable Mother's Day activity over at Fluttering Through First Grade?  Can It get any cuter than this????  It is so much fun checking out all the amazing work being done by teachers.   You should hop on over to their Facebook page where they will be giving one of these away.  

Photo: We just found out that our Mother's Day dreams of lounging at the spa, doing absolutely nothing, have been burst...Instead, our day will be filled with sports tournaments for the kids...Which is 'fine', but not exactly the zen we were hoping for...Sooo, we're retaliating tonight by creating a little gift E-SPA-cially for Mom! :D

 I am excited to announce the two winners of  my 

"All Kinds of  Fun with Adjectives, Nouns, and Verbs"  Oh, but before I announce the winners I want to say "FLASH SALE" IF YOU DIDN'T WIN, NO WORRIES I AM PUTTING THIS PACK ON SALE FOR $1 until sometime tomorrow or whenever I remember to turn off the sale! Ha last time I said I was having a flash sale it wasn't so "flashy"  because I forgot to go back and turn the flash off  for several days.  
Now on to the two lucky winners...

Congrats I will e-mail your copy to you.  

Have a great weekend!



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