July 15, 2014

Back To School...Beach to School GIVEAWAY!

Hi all!

I don't know about you but I'm already getting in the Back to School mode...  I blame Target!  Love that Dollar Spot...  I can neither confirm nor deny that I went to 3 Targets yesterday to go through the Dollar Spot.  Slightly embarrassed about that one but I did find the mini caddy I needed!

ANYWAY...I decided to look through my back to school stuff and since we're starting school on August 12 this year (Anyone else starting that early?) I looked through my little Beach to School unit I made last year.  While I liked it last year, I decided to give it a little face lift and then added a ton to it (so it was 35 pages and now it's 63!).  WHEW!  I'm SUPER excited about how it turned out and am really excited to use it next month with my new group of kiddos!

If you already purchased it, THANK YOU and please go download the new version.  Trust me.  Totally.  Worth.  It.  If you haven't purchased it yet, I have it on sale for $2.00 until Friday!  Woot, woot!  I love sales.  And as always, I would LOVE feedback!  Here are some pics of a few of the updated pages.

And since I'm so excited about my finds at Target, I'm going to give away two of these units to the first two people to comment what their must have back to school purchase is.  And....GO!



Angie Neal said...

My back to school must have is new Sharpies! A girl can never have too many :)
Angie Neal
Fall Into First

A Tale of 2 First Grades said...

You were fast, Angie! Sharpies are a MUST. Sending you an email now! :)

Angie Neal said...

Yay! I saw it on Instagram! THANK YOU! I am so excited this is the cutest pack :)

Amber Calderon said...

My back to school MUST is my Staedtler pens or however you spell it! hahaha I LOVE THEM!


A Tale of 2 First Grades said...

Congrats Angie and Amber! I sent you both an email!

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