July 28, 2012

Classroom MESS and de-clutter

I just had to throw out there, does anyone else's family not really get the, "I have to get my classroom set up, decorated, and looking super cute as soon as possible" feeling I have going on?  My husband, who teaches middle school math and science, said something about "why does your room have to look cute?" while we were in the car today.  Oh hon...you don't get it!  I ran across this ecard while on pinterest tonight and had to post it!  Oh, and you can follow me on Pinterest!  Just click here.

This is SO me...

In classroom news...

Good news:  I unpacked all the boxes...

Bad news:  I think unpacking made the mess explode!  GAH!  Here is one sneak peek at the mess!

Did you ever "inherit" stuff from another teacher?  I swear, all teachers are hoarders!  We hate to get rid of things and we pack it all with us when we move...  Today, I decided to start de-cluttering (GASP).  Mission "open a box and get rid of it if I never use it" was a success!  It was actually easier than I thought it would be!  I put several boxes out in the hall for other people to look through and the broken stuff (or stuff from 1978) was placed (nicely) in the trash.  Of course, I had to put the trashcan in the picture!   If you have stuff lurking the corner of your closet, you can do it!  Get rid of it! 

P.S.  I think I'm (slightly) obsessed with blogging now.  Night, night!


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