August 1, 2012

Just Getting Started

Ok, so while Caroline was busy last week getting this little blog started, my family and I were spending some much needed downtime at Sanibel Island in sunny Florida.  So, this is what I was looking at last week at this time…….

And this is what I got to look at today………...

Wow, did I have my work cut out for me.  Our rooms were all painted this summer so we had to take every stitch of cuteness off our walls, thus a lot more work ahead!  Although my room looks a lot better now, I still have a lot to do before my sweet new kiddos walk in the door. 

I am very grateful that after 18 years of marriage my husband knows that when it is back to school time that I am usually MIA for long periods of time, 12 hours today to be exact!    Although my husband understands my MIA status after all these years, my mom does not.  At the end of the day today my mom said to me, “So you are done now right?”..................................  Ahhh, no mom I’m just getting started!!!!!!  



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