November 5, 2012


What an amazing week we had learning about OWLS!   Last Tuesday Greg from the local Wildlife Refuge  came to share his knowledge of owls with us.
Greg discussed with the students  owl habitats, features, and hunting habits, as well as an owls diet. Which led us straight into........  Yep.......the dissection of owl pellets.      I have to admit if I would have thought about it for very long I would have probably made myself sick but the kids were SOOO SUPER excited about finding out what those owls ate I didn't even think twice about the magnitude of gross in which I was participating .

Here students worked on dissecting and sorting bones into categories. 

The following day the "Owl Lady" as we call her came to visit.  Bev is the owner of a local shelter that rehabilitates injured animals.  You can learn more about her shelter here
Bev has such a passion for her animals, she kept our first graders intrigued for 50 minutes as she talked about the screech owl, barn owl, barred owl, short eared owl, and great horned owl. 

Bev has been coming to our school for years to share her love for owls with us.  I look forward to her visit year after year.  To finish up our unit on owls each student wrote a book of owl facts and completed the cutest owl art project. The kiddos had no problem completing there owl facts book.  They are now owl experts after learning about owls for a week and a half.   
We also had all kinds of fun with the activities here......
We may not have a zoo in our small town but we do have many great resources for learning. 


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