November 11, 2012

Must Have Book Fair Books & a Chevron Freebie

Does this ever happen to you?  You log on and say I'm going to give myself 15 minutes to do a little "Blog Stalking" and then an hour later you still haven't made your own post?  Well, it just happened to me AGAIN!  So... now on with my post.....

This past week we had the Scholastic Book Fair at our school with more books than I have EVER seen.  Here are a few books you must have in your classroom library....

                                                                                                        OH MY GOSH IT'S "HOGWASH"  This book is hillarious,  it's about a farmer who wants to..... of all things give his pigs A BATH.  It has rhyme, it has humor and BOY IS IT LOADED WITH NEW VOCABULARY WORDS! 
The "Three Billy Goats Fluff" has to be my newest  favorite spoof on a fairy tale; this story is amazingly clever!  As the story goes... the old troll is up to his usual BULLYING SELF when momma goat knits some nice booties for the goats so they won't disturb him and his booming headache.  Momm goat also knits up some ear muff and a blanket for the old troll.  Mommas can always save the day can't they??
                                                                                                  CALLING ALL TEACHERS TEACHING WRITING!!!!!  AH, that's everyone I hope.   Rocket Writes a story is the best book yet for encouraging young writers that they can write a story.  I will have more on this book in a future post. 

Ok, so now that I feel like I've filled in for LeVar Burton on an Episode of Reading Rainbow here's your freebie a packet of Black and White Editable Chevron Labels


Melanie Mowery said...

Hi there! I love, love your blog! I would love to be first grade stalking buddies!!! Stop by my TpT Store and let me know what you think..I am still kind of new and would love fellow first grade followers and feedback!

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