November 18, 2012

Turkey Fact Family Craftivity Freebie

WHOA!  Does anyone else feel like they need to grab the reins to slow the train that is quickly approaching Christmas down? We have been super busy in first grade with so many special activities and with Thanksgiving falling earlier this year I feel like I haven't had the time to commit to the topic of Thanksgiving like I usually do.  Here is one of  the activities we did manage to squeeze in .....

This was such an amazingly fun activity for many reasons.  One because when I whipped out this art project those kiddos started singing the praises of having the best teacher ever and two because they enjoyed making their turkeys so much my otherwise chatty class fell completely silent as they took to their creating. 

During the month of November our PLC  decided to focus on fact families, thus this little fact family guy was created. This is the first year for PLC's at my school.  During our meetings we have been working  on tweaking our math curriculum.    If you would like to squeeze in a little more turkey time this week you can pick up a copy of the FREE template here. (I had trouble getting this uploaded so it currently doesn't have a preview)  You can still download it but will have to choose download anyway if you want to download it now.  I will try and get it fixed tomorrow)  I tried google docs and TPT.  Sorry Friends!

 As we have worked in our committee we have scoured blogs , as well as TPTand found so many fabulous fact family ideas.   Here are just a few. ........

 Did you know that there are 161 items that come up under the category Fact Families, FREE?
Well friends hold on and get ready for another busy week!


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