January 14, 2013

Nouns and Snow Writing Freebie

Oh, How I do  love my job but going back to school after two full weeks of  being home with my own kiddos made me think of this e-card
Came out a little blurry
              It says the first five days after the weekend are the hardest,
      what it should say is the five days after Christmas Break are the hardest. 

  We actually had a beautiful snow the day after Christmas and boy was it fun playing in the snow.  We were snowless last year so we had SNOW MUCH FUN riding four wheelers and sleding, not to metion taking pictures in the snow are the best. 

After going back we started our week  with a writing activity about the ten kinds of fun  we had in the snow. First,  I modeled about all the fun I had in the snow using a Four Square Graphic Organizer.  My team decided to move the middle rectangle that is used for the lead sentence to the top because those little kiddos always get confused about what sentence to write first, no matter how many times we've went over it....... and why wouldn't they we teach them to read and write from left to right and top to bottom.  RIGHT? 

                      Click on picture to get a four square organizer and snowflake writing paper. 

Later in the week we spent time going over Nouns.  I am such a visual learner  I try to make learning as visual as possible, regardless of my inability to draw a straight line.  In the past I have made noun anchor charts on plain paper(which I love beacause of the lines, ha!) but this year I branched out and made a cutout for each type of noun............person, place, and thing.  

                                                                 What do you think?

Once we finished brainstorming and charting the different types of nouns students hustled back to their seats to come up with their own nouns.  I never allow students to copy off of the charts we make.  What type of thinking does that require?   I am telling you what these kids were done with this follow up activity LICKITY SPLIT and did they have some outstanding thoughts.  Here's one that absolutely stole my heart.......

Check Out the last two under person, Awwww!
      (Click on the picture for your copy)

Well there's so much more I'd love to share but there never seems to be enough time in the day!  Come Back Soon!  We are 17 followers stronge!  Yippie!!!
I leave you with another picture of the fantastic snow we had last week, well maybe more than two weeks now.  I love when the snow sticks to the trees, GORGEOUS!


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