January 5, 2013

The "C" Word Has Crept Into Our Lives, Calling on All Prayer Warriors.

I come to you today with a very heavy heart.  On Thursday, the "C" word crept into our lives when we were told  my mother in law (the best MIL ever)  has esophageal cancer.  Over the years , I have experienced all too often the "C" word in families around me but never in our family.  There are no words to express how our family is feeling at this time.  We are a very tight farm family who looks to my MIL for everything, she IS the rock of the family.  It is not clear what the next few months will bring but what is clear to me today and always has been is PRAYER IS POWERFUL.  So, this is a call to all prayer warriors out there in blog land to please pray for our family.   Blessings


Heidi Harrell said...

Praying! I am so sorry your family is going through this.

Mrs. Wright said...

Prayed! By His Stripes She is Healed in Jesus Name, Aman,
First Grade Journal

A Tale of 2 First Grades said...

Heidi & Mrs. Wright,

Thank you so much for your prayers, please keep us on your prayer list.


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