February 20, 2013

Back to the Basics Math Station Freebies

Yes!  I'm obsessed with clip art.  Yes , I love making cute stations for math or just about anything else!   However, sometimes it's nice to simplify a little and  go back to the basics and practice math skills with familiar, simple, no prep type games and such like the ones Math Their Way and Debbie Diller have taught us over the years.(youngins you probably learned with MTW when you were growing up)  So this week in my room you will not find cute little leprechaun, president, or weather related math stations but you will find the following..........
      The Estimation Station-This is one of the students favorite stations.  While at this station  students get to roam the room and ask everyone for their estimation of what is in the jar.  During our second rotation this station turns into the "Question of the Day" station.
   Telling Time Station
 Rock N Roll Addition- Roll two dice
and add the numbers together. 
Domino Addition-Use the two numbers on the Domino to make a number sentence. I have also included a Domino subtraction record sheet. 
I didn't get pictures for the "Break Away Subtraction" or  "Tons of  Fun with Tens and Ones" which probably need the most explaining.  Break Away subtraction-We are working  on subtraction from ten so each student has 10 cubes linked together, they "Break Away" part of the tower and then write a number sentence.  Example: 10 BREAK AWAY 4 WOULD BE 10-4=6.  Tons of Fun: students roll two dice to make a number  Example:  Dice one 5 Dice two 3  the number would be 53. Students would then draw and write how many tens and how many ones.    You can down load all of the record sheets for these activities here.

Graphics by Scrappin Doodles, First Grade Brain, and Tales From Outside the Classroom




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Love your Tick Tock Look at the Clock! Thank you.

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This is such a great resource! Thank you! :)

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Just started homeschooling for the first time - thank you for this resource!

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