February 7, 2013

Verb, Verb, Verb....Verb is the WORD! FREEBIE

OH MY WORD learning about Verbs can be so much fun!  Last week we started a lesson on verbs by playing a little game of Simon Says. This is the kind of  activity that bring about comments like, "You are the best teacher ever" and "This is the best day of my life".  Awww what it would be like to be 7 and so easily excited again.  Ok, so after our game of  Simon Says we made a list of verbs.  Next each student picked a verb they wanted to illustrate using a pipe cleaner and a few pieces of scrap paper.  I had each student  tell me what they were illustrating before we got started because otherwise everyone would have illustrated "jump", true story it happened to me. I have been making these with my class for years and they always turn out so stinkin cute, I love art that shows such individuality.  Grab your copy of the Verb page here
Graphics from Teaching in a Small Town

You can find the Verb Write the Room page and 53 other write the room activities in my teacher store just click the picture.

Later in the week students became word detectives as they looked for verbs in the room during Write the Room.  My write the room activities are simple, a copy of the type of word to look for, a clipboard and a pencil.  The students look around the room for words on the word wall, book titles, charts, posters, etc.  I DO NOT prepost words I want the students to find, if I did I would have never  heard this OH SO ADORABLE conversation. 
....As two students scoured the Calendar area for words I overheard two of my kiddos arguing over whether the word March was a verb.  I wish I could have recorded their argument because as one was saying March is not a verb,  the other one was stomping his little feet in the angriest march I have ever seen and saying, "yes you can march , LOOK! I"M MARCHING!  If you can do it , it's a verb!!!!!!!! " LESSON OVER! 



Julie Marciniak said...

Wikki Stix and Verbs....Great idea!
So excited to find you and link up with 2 new first grade teachers! YAY! I am your newest follower!
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Justin Knight said...

Hi there! I'm your newest follower! The Missus, Katie at Teacher to the Core, loves you guys! Looking forward to your posts!
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A Tale of 2 First Grades said...

Awww, Julie thanks so much for your kind words. I will head on over to check out your blog. I love working together with other teachers to make education an exciting place for our kiddos.


Are you kidding me? I love Katie's blog, she is an absolute doll. And BTW I have checked out your blog as well, it makes me laugh. Love the Midol bit.


Patrice said...

love that angry feet proving that you can "march"! lol

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