May 9, 2013

What I Left for the Sub

It seems like there are those years that some families have more trials and tribulations than others.  This school year was that year for my family.   We have experienced a broken arm, a back surgery, my dad being  in and out of the hospital, my mother in law being diagnosed with esophageal cancer, and  yesterday my daughter had her adenoids taken out after being on and off antibiotics for 7 months. My attendance at school this year has been no where near perfect to say the least.  So I thought this would be a great time to show how I plan for a sub, it's pretty simple actually because I do my plans the same everyday as if I might not be there the following day.  I don't keep a sub folder per say I type out my plans subject by subject and minute by minute each day so if I am not there every things is in order.   Since I don't live in the district in which I teach this helps save a long trip to school in an emergency.  I have been doing my plans this way since I started teaching, I have never been a fan of  those little squares in plan books. 

Here are a few great resources I left to be accomplished while I was away.  I can't believe I am missing the day we are focusing on Sharks!  You know that is the day those kiddos will have the  craziest reactions to anything said or read.  I left this cute little book and comprehension activities I found from 1st Grade Hip Hip Horaay.
Here's an activity I left for math: 

How do you plan for a Sub????



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