May 27, 2013

Did You Read Your E-mail From Pay Pal Earlier This Week? and Honoring Our Heros

Did you read the e-mail from Pay Pal earlier this week that said they would make a 1% donation for all donations made to veteran's charities through May 28th? Although this may not seem to be a lot if you make a small donation, every little bit adds up. Right???BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE......... I ran across another gal that is also passionate about this cause, her blog is Simply Being Mommy. By visiting her blog I learned that Brawny also donates $1each time someone does any of the following:

so in other words you can donate $2 just by clicking your mouse. Last year Brawny was able to donate $500,000.
Here's just one reason I am so passionate about supporting the Wounded Warriors Project:
My dad served in the Korean War. I have heard many stories over the years of the hardships he endured while on duty. Although my dad returned to civilian life uninjured I can't imagine the pain and suffering other military men and women experience daily once they return after already making a huge sacrifice for all of us back home. We are all so fortunate to live in not only a FREE but generally caring society where we look out for each other. I challenge you to support our service men and women today by making a donation to The Wounded Warrior Project in one of the ways mentioned.
Thank You to Each and Every Member of the Military and Their Families! GOD BLESS


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