July 30, 2013

Anchor Charts...A Confession

So I have to admit something...  Until the fall of 2011 I had NO CLUE about anchor charts.  If someone had said, "Oh I have an anchor chart about reading comprehension..." I would nod and smile and go about my business.  I would make lists or chart things with my then Kindergarten babies but I didn't know what I was missing.  It all started when I stumbled across teacher blogs as I researched the summer before I graduated to first grade.  Ohmyword. They were CUTE!  Doodles and cute little drawings and fun handwriting.  Loved.  It.  From then on, I decided Anchor charts were definitely coming into my classroom.   Abby at  The Inspired Apple and her awesome charts were my first intro to anchor charts.  Then I came across all the other great bloggers and took off from there!

When First Grade Fabulosity posted a linky party for Anchor Charts, I wanted to join in on the fun!

Unfortunately, since I can't get into my room and I didn't put my classroom pics on Dropbox (WHY??) I only have one to show!  Sadness.

I used this to meet Common Core Standard 1.G.A.3.  My kids and I made this chart together and added to it when we learned more about fractions.  It worked great to help them visualize the different parts of a whole.  Nothing fancy but it did its job!  I was inspired by one similar to it on Pinterest and now I can't find it.  Let me know if it was yours!!!  Sometimes I make my anchor charts with the kids and then remake them to make them cute.  Sometimes we whip it up together and that's the end product!  What do you do?

Thanks First Grade Fabulosity for having a Linky Party!  Link up and join!  Woot Woot!


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