July 29, 2013

Summer Vacation is ALMOST over

Hey All!

It's Caroline.  :)

So I haven't been blogging since...May???  Oops...  Alison did a FANTASTIC job working on this blog over the last school year as I was learning how to do this blogging thing while working as  a full time teacher with a baby and an almost 3 year old!  Love my little boys!  Love my job!  Love blogging!   I've figured out I have to blog and work on the computer when everyone is asleep...(including the hubby).  If I don't, I get A LOT of help from my little guys.  Smile!

I've noticed a lot of emails and traffic coming through about my bulletin board post I did last year.  Welcome!  I loved that bulletin board!  Of course, I'm one of those people who likes to do something new every year.  So I've started on my newest bulletin board craftivity.  Too bad I can't get into school to work on it!  I LOVE the look of shiny, clean, waxed floors but I HATE waiting to get in!  Know the feeling?

Since people have been checking out my Firsties Wanted bulletin board craftivity...I'm doing a Flashback Friday on a Monday!  I'm on summer vacation, it works!  Haha!

Last year, I had the idea to do a bulletin board that looked like a "Help Wanted" sign.  I created one for first grade last year and recently added one for second grade and third grade, too!  Thanks to everyone who was interested in my work!  Love seeing those downloads!!!

I'll be back soon to share my COOL (hint, hint, hint) bulletin board for this year!  Hopefully the hallways floors will be waxed by then!  :::crossing fingers!:::


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