December 15, 2013

The week coming up is the one that holds so many emotions.....
Panic-I have to get so much done this week before break. 
Excitement-One week from now I will be staying up late and spending long days in my pajamas. 
Exhausted-Could these kids get any more distracted?
Concerned-How can I get all my busy work done while these kids are so crazy?
Well hopefully you will find a few things here to help you work through some of the emotions you are feeling this week.  I find that as soon as the routine breaks the train starts to derail,  I try to keep my classroom schedule as close to normal as possible to prevent this from happening.  I also make sure I plan enough activities so that there's  very little downtown.  Pocket Chart activities are a great way to keep students focused anytime because all the students are right at your fingertips.  (if you do this activity together  in the group area)
Here's a fun activity to do with this story:
If You Take A Mouse to the Movies Contraction Match Up Freebie
This is an Activity I Shared Last Year
Here are a few other great activities  that are FREE from other Authors on TPT. 
Christmas Activities Reindeer EditionChristmas Activities Reindeer EditionChristmas Activities Reindeer Edition
Christmas Activities Reindeer Edition

Christmas Contractions Craftivity
Christmas Holiday Noun SortChristmas Splat FREEBIE! {A Sight Word Game / Literacy Center}
                  Click Here                                                                                            Click Here
You can also pick this pack up in my TPT store through midnight tonight for just $2.40.
Remember busy is better but not all "busy work" is the best use of  your students time.  The activities I shared with you today provide interest but also cover those important CC goals we are all focusing on each day......Well, maybe not the coloring sheets those were just fun to make. 
Have a great week!
P.S. Blogger did not want to link to pictures tonight, sorry about all the Click Here going around. 


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