January 12, 2014

January Freebies and a Sneak Peak at a MLK Freebie for Tomorrow

   Oh Boy has the last month been a crazy one around my house.  We have experienced two different snow storms, basketball games,  Christmas;including programs and multiple family dinners, basketball games, and my mom had two back surgeries which kept me away from home for most of December.  Did I say basketball games?  I have been a little frazzled to say the least.  I finally got my tree up three days before Christmas and down about a week ago so blogging really hasn't been on my radar.  My new years resolution  for this blog is to post more, giveaway more, and neglect less.  Teachers are so under paid and give so much of themselves I want to help as much as I can by posting regular freebies. I will not always post them to my store so you will need to check back to take advantage of the freebies.  I will also have items to post to my store but I hope to always have something to give away as well.  Today I want to share with you two items from my 

The possibilities are endless for this freebie during your January Writer's Workshop.  

   Here's a calendar that students can use to fill in the days of the month. I like to start out by having my kiddos look at a December calendar and recall the last day of December, then we discuss what would be the first day in January.  We also say our song about how many days are in January.  You know the one.....Oh wait another freebie.........Here's a copy......

After a short discussion of what the last number should be in the month of January, your kiddos will be ready to  complete their calendar independently or as a group depending on your class.  There's another calendar with question related to the days in my January Printables Pack .  You can check it out here...... 

48 pages for $4

Check back tomorrow for another great freebie.  I have created a 
Martin Luther  King True/False freebie similar to  the very successful Veteran's Day True/False Freebie that can still be  downloaded in my store.  Here's a sneak peak.....

Have a great Monday!  Don't forget to check back tomorrow!!!!


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